Why studying at Frederick University gives you a career lifetime chance?

In the sea of tempting suggestions, young students face the dilemma of which university is worth choosing.

Many of them wonder which of these universities suggest high quality education and a well-structured education system. They wonder if studying at a particular university would help them develop useful skills that meet modern labor market conditions. And yes, there are similar universities that meet these requirements.

One such great example is Frederick University with varieties of programs in business and law; engineering; arts, communication & cultural studies; as well as education and social sciences.

Located on the exotic island of Cyprus, it ranks among the established universities, training future professionals in various fields of knowledge.

Studying at Frederick University provides to students with opportunities to develop the skills needed for their future career.

One of the advantages of choosing a higher education at Frederick is the variety of innovative and modern teaching methods. Their way of teaching helps students to get a practical knowledge of the subject they are studying.

To acquire different types of skills, students have the opportunity to participate in projects, discussions and seminars, to plan and conduct research in the selected field. This close connection of theory with practice helps students to develop various abilities necessary for their professional growth.

Participating in exercises with a practical focus, students become active researchers who build skills for analysis, interpretation, as well as drawing conclusions. In this way, they have the opportunity to apply the knowledge in practice and to study what qualities and skills they need to develop as future specialists in their field of knowledge.

In addition to its variety of practical exercises and programs, the university gives students a chance to participate in the production of scientific knowledge during their studies.

Following the publication of the scientific results, the University disseminates them to various public and private institutions, organizations and agencies in Cypriot society. This would increase the chances of finding a job after graduating from the university.

   Furthermore, Frederick suggests numerous job opportunities, which makes it as an excellent choice to international students. This provides an opportunity to gain practical experience in the workplace and acquire skills highly valued by employers around the world.

To further support students in their professional growth, the university also offers various job positions such as summer internships in Cyprus and abroad through IAESTE and the Erasmus + program; volunteering in Cyprus and abroad; opportunities for part-time work (during the academic semester, during vacations); full-time work in Cyprus and abroad; first professional experience for recently graduated students on the European market through the Erasmus + program.

Another advantage of Frederick University is the career counselling service.

The Career Office offers career counseling sessions to graduate students. The office assists students in forming their “4-year personal career action plan” during their studies and after graduation by promoting the services and activities offered at the university, and by creating tools for finding a job and planning for a Career.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

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