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Our Services

Guaranteed university offer

We represent a select group of Universities and Higher Education Institutions in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia, which allows us to build a strong relationship, pay close attention and support every one of these organisations. This gives us in depth knowledge about the programmes and specialties of our partner institutions and thereby providing a greater choice and flexibility for our students.

From UNISFUTURE, we strive to maintain a high degree of success in student enrolment. Our success is measured not only by the number of potential students, but also the final outcome of such students being able to commence their desired courses of study at the chosen institute and their appreciation of our professionalism and service quality.  UNISFUTURE follows a careful and extended counselling process with the student and parent/guardian or sponsor to determine the student’s career interest, qualification, skills and financial capacity. We spend time to identify the available options or choices and educate the student on the various pathways to achieve the final goal, to graduate from the desired University. 

Applying to a good university can be time-consuming and challenging for an international student. That is why our team is offering special support for our applicants, where we do the hard work for you and guarantee you a place at one of our partner universities.

From completing your application forms to professionally editing your personal statement, your dedicated consultant will make sure that your application is the best it can be. Once your application is submitted and tracked by us, we will guarantee you at least one offer from our partner universities or you will receive your money back!

UNISFUTURE will assist you through the entire application process, book your necessary academic tests, and secure your international visas and accommodation in your selected country.

Studying Abroad

  • Academic Guidance:

Whether you intend to study in Europe or abroad, course choice is a very important part of your study plan.

UNISFUTURE helps students at High School or at University as they consider the various study routes available, by looking in depth at the different opportunities and providing students with the instruments to evaluate and interpret the courses and to formulate their personal list of priorities based on specific criteria and strategic considerations.

UNISFUTURE guides the student to reflective self-evaluation in order to develop a deeper more concrete self-awareness which is necessary to make decisions in a mature and conscious way. Some students might like to consider following their studies abroad. Our portfolio of universities is predominantly focused on Central and Eastern Europe, CIS, Finland and China, and all of those countries offer excellent possibilities and funding for international students.

Education4everybody helps evaluate the university systems of different countries, enabling students and their families to make an informed choice based on course quality and prospective opportunities.

  • University application

UNISFUTURE supports students and families in facing the various stages in the application process. We provide a range of activities which include practice and exercises, help in preparing materials, checks of the documentation to be included in the application.

Eastern and Central Europe, CIS, China and Finland, a growing number of young people decides to continue their studies abroad. Each type of country, university and course requires different procedures and time frames. For most clients Education4everybody provides continuous support throughout the process but it is also possible to offer modular support according to a student’s requirements.

Amongst the main services offered:

  • Assistance in filling in paper and online application forms
  • Visa and accommodation support
  • Support in gathering and presenting motivational letters, personal statements, reference letters, CV and other such material
  • Planning and managing deadlines
  • Collecting and checking certificates and school reports
  • Organisation of visits to the university (Open days)
  • Handling of correspondence with Universities
  • Training and preparation for interviews
  • Support in decision-making following offers from the universities
  • Practical and bureaucratic advice for enrolment and cultural differences within the selected country