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UNISFUTURE is a dynamic and fast-growing company offering consultancy and visa support services for students. To date, we have submitted over 500 successful student applications to some of the top universities in the UK. UNISFUTURE was established by a team of professionals with the purpose to provide consultancy services in education and career guidance to students who aspire to pursue higher studies abroad. We are privileged to represent a group of reputed universities, colleges and international partners. The portfolio of such representations continues to grow providing a greater choice to our candidates.

Our missions are to improve the quality of human resource in Europe and the rest of the World and to have a positive impact on education by providing professional development opportunities for students by studying overseas.


UNISFUTURE provides services for a wide range of educational programs. Apart from full-time higher education, we also offer Pre-University, Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Doctorate, Medical, Short courses, and Study online programs at various institutions around Europe.

Our company provides a range of services including career coaching and counselling, assistance in the selection of the study course, education institution and country, facilitating the application process and visa support, coordination for travel arrangements, accommodation, and pre-departure advice and welfare support. Currently we have offices in Sofia and London, placing students in universities and colleges in Europe (Germany, Spain, Latvia, Hungary, Greece, UK, Croatia, Bulgaria and the Netherlands).



Our Mission and Values

Aim for success, not perfection. The ability to recognize opportunities and move in new and sometimes unexpected directions will benefit you no matter your interests or aspirations.

What we do differently

  • We put our student clients before profit
  • We focus on building relationships – with our student clients and with all our partners
  • We have a student focused approach, team spirit and a positive working environment

Our Services

  • University admissions 
  • Career couching
  • Application processing and visa
  • Language training and test preperation

Powerful Alumni

Considering to study abroad can be very awesome, and there are a lot of options you could choose from. This is because, there are thousand of universities and colleges in the world.

A casual conversation with a compatriot who graduated from a university would probably make your choice easier 🙂

Why study abroad?

Studying abroad is a global phenomenon, with students crossing countries, continents and oceans to get the best education possible.

The truth is, studying overseas has many fantastic benefits, like helping you find a good job, experience a new culture, improving your social life and prepare for your global future.

Nothing beats the immersive international experience you’ll get while studying abroad.