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Entry Requirements and Application documents

EU and International students

  • Academic transcript of original or notarized copy of High School degree. The minimum average performance in the document for completed secondary education on school subjects which are score forming (Mathematics, Literature, Geography, History) for the field (speciality) in which the individual applies must be no lower than 62% from the maximum value according to the system for assessment in the country where the secondary education is acquired.
  • Medical certificate issued within 1 month before the date of application and certified by the competent authority of the country which the person comes from
  • Application form (for the procedure of diploma verification)
  • Copy of passport/ID card
  • Proficiency level of English language Cambridge FCE, CAE, CPE–grades from A to B; TOEFL  no less than 96 scores; TOEFEL CBIT – no less than 243 scores; TOEFEL Paper – no less than 590 scores; TOEIC – no less than 780 scores; IELTS no less than 7,5 scores
  • Two (2) passport photos (dimensions: 4.5/3.5 cm)

Documents referred to in p.1 and p.2 above must be translated, legalized and certified in compliance with the provisions of the International Agreements between the Republic of Bulgaria and the country that has issued them and if there are no such Agreements – under the general law for translation, legalization and certification of documents and other papers.

Foreign citizens willing to study for acquisition of Doctoral degree in independent form must also submit two paper copies and one electronic copy of the dissertation work project in the relevant language to be used for studying the Doctoral programme.

*Requirements may defer depending on the university and course you are applying for.

Visa Requirments

The following documents must be collected by students before they apply for their residence permit:

• A completed visa application form
• Two (2) photos passport size (standard measure 45 mm high by 35 mm wide)
• A current valid passport or travel document
• Police Clearance to show a clean criminal record
• Acceptance letter from the university in Bulgaria
• Proof of funds
• Travel and health insurance
• Attend an interview at the Bulgarian embassy
• A cover letter that states why you want to study in Bulgaria

*Visa requirements may defer depending on the country you apply from.

Living Costs & Part-time work

  • University Hostel – 70- 100 euro
  • Private Apartment – 250 – 450 euro
  • Room in Private Apartment – 100-200 euro
  • Utility Bills – 50 Euro
  •  Food and general living expenses – 100-250 euro
  •  Cell phone and Mobile internet – 10 – 20 Euro
  •  Internet – 8-12 euro
  •  Student travel card – 31 euro (For the whole transportation)
  •  Entertainment – Variable

As a foreign student in Bulgaria, you are eligible to work part-time alongside your studies. However, students from countries outside of the EU require a work permit in order to work and earn money in Bulgaria. Students can work part-time but only for a maximum of 20 hours a week.



Scholarships can obtain the foreign students studying in regular form of education under the inter–governmental agreements for educational, scientific and cultural exchange or under the rules in the Decrees of the Ministers Council (Decree № 103/1993 and Decree № 228/1997).

Foreign students studying under the rules in Decree № 103/1993 and Decree № 228/1997 obtain a scholarship during their first year of education regardless of their results. In their second, third and fourth year they obtain a scholarship only if they have successfully sat for all the exams from the previous academic year and have an average result no lower than Good /4.00/.

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