Applying to a university is an important period in the life of every young person, determining his/her further future career realisation. In the ocean of opportunities and tempting offers, many young people feel unsure which way they should choose. Тhey hesitate to choose both a suitable course of study and a university that meets the requirements for quality higher education. During this important period for them, our company Unisfuture suggests career counseling and assistance in choosing the right course, the educational institution and the state.

⇒ Your reliable and irrevocable advisor

    Applying through UNISFUTURE has a number of advantages. One of them is the career counselling service. It gives opportunities to the future student to choose the program which best suits his/her field of interests and individual characteristics. In addition to career guidance, we provide assistance in facilitating the preparation of documents and monitoring the entire process of obtaining a visa. We support and promote the application documents in the international departments of the universities, the Ministry of Education and the migration services.

     We are more than an agency: your reliable and irrevocable advisor. We stand out with our personal attitude towards the student and constant support, which he/she receives throughout the whole bachelor, master or PhD learning process. We have strong connections with the companies providing students dormitories with the lowest prices and an excellent strategy in finding the best accommodation for you and your mates. We constantly give advices before departing and during the entire study. When a group of students are moving to Bulgaria, our team welcome them and take them to the dormitory, then organize tours around to get acquainted with the new city and the university institution. In addition, we meet you with your international colleagues and organize a barbeque day for breaking the ice.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

We believe in personal attitude…

Another of our distinctive qualities is the rich portfolio of a group of famous and highly-ranked universities, colleges and international partners. Our reliable network of partners is your reliable network of opportunities.

     UNISFUTURE is an excellent choice due to the wide range of services we provide to the future students. Not only an agency, but an advisor and constant assistant in the procedures related to entering the university and during the entire period of study.