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Internships and Graduate Jobs


When counselling our applicants, we take into consideration their career ambition, academic and work background and thus identifying an internship or work placement which will be suitable for them and will provide excellent opportunities for a personal and career development.
Working closely with both employers and students (through successful partnerships with the universities’ career centres as well) we are playing the role of a bridge between the companies and desired employees, and between the students and the desired workplaces. Our aim is to provide companies with a better choice between young enthusiastic individuals, who possess the necessary background and are considered appropriate for the particular company’s vision, structure, requirements, goals, culture and ethics.
With our experience and knowledge, we can help job seekers with improving their language skills through specifically designed language classes. Furthermore, we can help with improving your CV, so that you can be more competitive in the international job market.

We offer available internships and work placements within the following industries:

– Gamer Support Agent
– Travel Reservation Agent
– Client Support Agent
– Technical Support Agent
– Social Media Consultant
– Customer Service Representative
– Tourist Agent
– Online Music Service Consultant with Swedish
– Content Moderator with Turkish or Russian
– Senior Java Developer/Privacy compliance solutions

Contact us any time and you will receive a prompt reply with already proposed solutions for what can we do for you!